Sunday, 24 June 2012

Get rupees in gta sa

Gta is a world wide played game and indian also play gta so i decided to give all indian gta lovers a gift
and so i created a mod which replaces the dollar signs with rupees signs. go to
search for rupees sign mod.
author name:gtacrazy

Img tool (how to install mods using img tool)

Img tool is a software needed to edit img files in gta games to add new mods by this you can add and replace files in img format files.
How to install mods using img editors
this is a big problems for gta players who dont know to install mods using img editors so here it is

Step 1--Find the file you want to replace.

Step 2--right click on the file and select"replace".

step 3--close the txd editor.
Download txd editor from the below link