Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Interview with Carl Jhonson.

Before the story line of  GTA SA :-
Mother's name :- Beverly Jhonson.
Brothers :- Brain Jhonson and sweet
Sister:- Kendi Jhonson
Friends:- ryder and big smoke

After the story line of  GTA SA :-
Mother's name :- Late Beverly Jhonson.
Brothers :- Late Brain Jhonson and sweet
Sister:- Kendi Jhonson
Friends:- ryder and big smoke were bastards.

how funny

These types of funny boards can only be found in gta.

Yamaha YZF R1 in gta sa

get cool and power full Yamaha YZFR1

super pcj 600 A power full bike

It is a great owner to own the fastest bike in gta series ever.Be a proud owner of super pcj 600

its features:- super speed and super strength (hit any car and you will know)

best for stunts.
go high and far.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

problems using vechiles and skins mod for gta

you can download many mods for gta but it is tough for some to use that mods
vehicles and skins mods need img tools to be used.
you can download it from below link.
download img tool

Friday, 25 May 2012

Ultimate Vice city

Ultimate vice city is a full conversion for gta vice city It includes new cars,a bridge connecting all the islands,a building in the ocean dedicated to 9/11.It includes cars like ferrari,BMW etc.
You can download it from below link :
 list of cars replace by this mod:
Washington = BMW 850
SandKing (Sunshine Auto) = Ford F-150
Sanchez (moto)= Yamaha YZ 450
Virgo = Porshe 911 Turbo
Sentinel XS = Vector M12
Regina = Lotus Elise GTR
Admiral = Nissan Skyline (Handling probleme in beta version)
BF Injection = BMW Hamann
Oceanic = Toyota Supra Turbo
GreenWood = Nissan R390 GT1
Rumpo = Toyota Supra (Fast and Furious)
Faggio = Shop Cart
Pheonix = Bugatti Veyron Concept 2004
Walton = Opel Speedster
Blista Compact = Ford TS 50
Moonbeam = Mercedes SL600
Mesa Grande = Ferrari 550 Barchetta
Glendale = Dodge Charger
Infernus = Lamborghini Diablo
Cheetah = ferrari F40
Banshee = Lamborghini Murcielago
Hunter = Harrier
Stinger = Chevrolet Camaro SS
PCJ 600 = Ducati 1000
Hermes = Toyota GT-ONE
Deluxo = Mitsubishi Eclipse (2 fast 2 furious)
Taxi = Peugeot 406 Taxi (Taxi 3)
Sentinel = Mistubishi Galant
Hotring = Ford Mustang SVT Cobra
Idaho = Dodge Viper GTS
Landstalker = Ford Explorer
Rancher = Jeep Grand Cherokee
Comet = Ferrari 360 Spider
Stallion = Toyota Black Supra
Manana = Subaru Impreza WRX
Sabre = Ford boss 1971
Esperant = Ford GT-40
Police = Police Ford Crown Victoria
Sabre Turbo = Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 1967
Perenial = Honda NSX ULTIMATE 2000 (Ultimate Vice City Bon

 Download ultimate vice city
 link 2

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Which is best Gta vc vs Gta sa

Which is best Gta vc vs Gta sa
Gta vc is better than Gta sa in comparision of clear graphics gta sa has very bad visuals you will realise it when raining and  in hot afternoon ( in game) screen will be get dirty and messed and sanandreas also has not so beatiful city and not so hansome player. vice city has a beatiful city and a good looking tommy vercetti (but not better than claude -main character of gta 3). sanandreas is better than gta vc in feature like multiple clothing options,gang wars,cj has his own gang and community and recruit gang members,more races and car tuning garrages.

Best mods for GTA SA

Best mods for GTA SA
best mods for gta sa includes cleo mods like telepot to marker mod,gang spawn mod and mop mod you will find these on the google search just type the names and search.

How to use these mods:-
you need cleo library installed
just paste tho mod files in gta sa\cleo  directory.

Controls and description:-
Telepot to marker mod:-set desired destination in map and press X and Y.
you can go one place to another in a flash it can save your time.

Gang spawn mod:- press G and B to spawn gang.
You can easily win gang wars with this just start a gang war by shooting enemy gang members and they will do the rest

Mop mod:-type MOP while playing to get mop and press enter to leave it.
just a kind of vechile.