Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Which is best Gta vc vs Gta sa

Which is best Gta vc vs Gta sa
Gta vc is better than Gta sa in comparision of clear graphics gta sa has very bad visuals you will realise it when raining and  in hot afternoon ( in game) screen will be get dirty and messed and sanandreas also has not so beatiful city and not so hansome player. vice city has a beatiful city and a good looking tommy vercetti (but not better than claude -main character of gta 3). sanandreas is better than gta vc in feature like multiple clothing options,gang wars,cj has his own gang and community and recruit gang members,more races and car tuning garrages.

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  1. SA I think. There's some ENBSeries which let's you to improve graphics in the game. And some CLEO mods that supports the game engine so it will the game better. Also, VC lacks in walking animation. But indeed, VC has a beautiful city and climate.