Saturday, 21 July 2012

but it's true!
you can drive a blast car in gta vc

how to do it

go towards a car and press enter then press escape when player is just in the car(not completely in the car)
now in the pause menu type cheat code "BIGBANG".Now resume the game and then again pause the game and type cheat code "asprin" then resume the game and you will get a car already blast

you can also do this in gta sa .i don't know all the gta sa cheat codes so i cant tell how to do it but replacing the cheat codes will
do the trick.

note:Be careful it can blast again

How i found this?

i was playing gta vc and i read the cheat book database and found  a trick in which you can drive a car which has caught fire
and i also known the asprin trick to extinguish the fire
i mixed both tricks an its a nice trick i ever got!

please share your experience about this trick.

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